This Is Me

My name is Brayden Aufrecht and I'll share some personel things about me. I'm 20 years old and I have red hair, and kind of chubby. My favorite color is red and I'm a really nice person. It's kind of hard to get me mad or upset, but when I do, you can tell. The most interesting things about me will be on the Likes/Dislikes page. But other then that, here are some facts about my life.


My home is basically Nebraska, always have been. I have no idea were life will take me next. I live right now in a town called North Platte. I wasn't born here, but in Kearney, however my whole life has been here. When we moved here, we lived in something like a connected house. I really do not know how to describe it, but its this big building with different homes in it.

My family consist of a mom and a dad and two brothers. Im the oldest of the two brothers, currently im 20 years old. My brothers names are Isaac and Bryce. Isaac is in college and Bryce is in Middle School.My mother and father used to live here in North Platte, but then they moved to Gothenburg. After I was born, we moved back to North Platte.

High School is a mix of feelings for me. Most people didn't like school, but I do like it in some cases. High School was good and bad in ways that I can't really describe. For example the good things about High School was meeting new people and they became my friends. The bad is kind of cliche and that I didn't really got a girlfriend. Another bad thing and this can be the same for college, is leaving your friends. You get to know the people all around you, then they leave for college, you may see them again, but probably not.

College so far is a great experience. I have met some amazing teachers and students. The classes are great and I'm learning so much over the past two years. The one bad thing about college is the cost of tuition and stuff like that, its just to exspensive. Ill be going to Kearney this fall, but I missed my due date for scholarships, so I'm going to have to do student loans.