Foxypage is a repository for fox images and facts. Think of it as a fansite for nature's most adorable little canines!
That is a rather interesting question. Though, I am sure curiosity into these wonderful creatures assisted in your arrival. Feel free to explore and have some fun while you're here! Theres something foxy for everyone!
Sure! There are tons of foxes here. Well, pictures of foxes and facts about them anyway. If you're looking for actual live foxes, the internet is probably not the best place to look. Check outside!

Thanks for checking us out!

Thank you oh so much for giving my site a look! I have been working
hard on it for a few days now and would absolutely love to teach
both students and educators themselves on our familliar furry friends.
Stay tuned to see this site develop even further!

Save the foxes! Don't buy fur!

Foxes, alongside other furred animals are often killed for their fur.
Though their coats may look beautiful, they are much more suited
to remain on our furry friends. Please help stop the murderous
fur trade by not buying into it!