Wellfleet, Nebraska

Main street Wellfleet, Nebraska

Wellfleet is located 21 miles south of North Platte, on Highway 83.

BLINK, as you drive down the highway and you will miss the town....

...if you cross over railroad tracks, you have passed the town's entrances.

The original town of Wellfleet was platted on September 12, 1887 by the Lincoln Land Company. It consisted of 15 blocks. On November 23, 1889 the Wellfleet Real Estate and Improvement Company filed a plat on more property adjoining the original town of Wellfleet.

The town of Wellfleet now covered an area of 200 acres and was divided into 800 lots. The original price for lots ranged from $100 to $400.

By 1900 the town boasted a Post Office, a Doctor, Drug Store, Grain Elevator,a Railroad Depot, an IOOF hall, School, 2 newspapers,a Congregational Church, Episcopalian Church, Methodist Church, Catholic Church, Lumber Yard, Coal Yard, Shoe Shop, Insurance Business, Blacksmith Shop, Hardware Store, Implement Shop, Livery Stable, Carpenter Shop, Watch Repair and Jewelry Shop, Boarding House, City Meat Market, Grocery Store, Dry Goods Store and a Photograph Gallery.

As is the way of all small towns across Nebraska, it began to die out after the 1940's.

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